RingMe.io Adds Video Calling to Comprehensive Business Calling Features

The team at RingMe.io is thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new cloud-based communication feature that will seamlessly roll into their current selection of offerings. Now, RingMe.io customers can take advantage of video calling to communicate with their customers, vendors, and more. Founded in 2013, RingMe.io offers a premier solution for small and mid-sized businesses looking for a budget friendly, comprehensive calling service. RingMe.io’s clients enjoy the company’s innovative communication strategies, which are focused on leveraging the cloud to deliver versatile, robust services. “RingMe.io’s small business phone services are all about affordability, security, reliability, and advanced technology,” said...

What Is Your Plan for Keeping Your Business Connected During an Emergency?

This month may mark the beginning of the hurricane season, but you need not live on the coast for it to be wise to have an emergency preparedness plan in place for your business. How will your business function if employees cannot reach the office? How well could your business continue after a fire, storm or other disaster caused significant damage to your office. Could you still deliver your services or products? Would you still be able to keep in contact with your clients? Your businesses phone system is your best bet for maintaining connectivity. Wise business owners are prepared for possible emergencies so they can avoid or minimize any resulting business downtime. Keeping you business's phone system operating...

Three Reasons Traditional Business Phone Service Is Costing You

Whether you have a small business or large business you need to have the proper phones services in place to ensure your business runs smoothly. Missed phones calls, interrupted service and the inability to use advanced technology can be cost your business profits in a number of ways. If you are using a traditional business phone service, then you may be hinder your businesses potential profits and growth. 3 Ways Traditional Business Phone Services Is Costing You.  1) Using traditional phones services is simply costing you more. Traditional landline services are much more expensive than some of the alternatives you could be using, like a VoIP service. Not only do you need to pay for the monthly usage fees but long...

Evolving with the Times and Changing Needs of Businesses and Workers

Every brick and mortar business needs a phone line for customer communications, but internal lines are also often needed to speed up communication between employees. A typical business phone service can provide both of these needs, with several lines dedicated, but shared between employees, for calls outside the business. Any local VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service provider just won't do. A business phone system needs to be in tune with the client's needs and able to quickly adapt to the latest trend. Cloud VoIP for businesses seems to be the best option for many businesses who not only conduct business with globally-based clients, but also have workers living in distant, and sometimes even remote, locations...

Why Are You Still Wasting Time With The Phone Company and A Complex Phone System?

Are you looking for ways to expand your business and make it more productive and cost-effective? One of the best ways of doing this is by upgrading to a phone system which is cloud-based. Instead of wasting time with a complex phone system that limits your communication with clients, it is advisable to try an IP-enabled business phone system. The good news is that it not only replaces the outdated and complicated phone system you had but it also lowers the costs you incur for telecommunication purposes (generally 30-60%). In this day and age, communication is crucial. It takes place on your phone, video conferencing, email and texting. You need a phone system which enables you get to your clients on time and with...

Video Review of Grandstream GXP2160

A brief review and overview of the Grandstream GXP2160 6 line Enterprise IP phone. We like this SIP based IP phone for our small and mid sized business customers due to the 24 busy lamp field keys (BLF) as well as the 6 lines and conferencing features, in addition to the great audio quality.

Communications Never Take A Day Off

Change is coming in a few days and it's not just a new calendar. A survey earlier this year from Instantly, Inc. found that business communications never take time off, even when employees do. Business Owners and IT Managers are looking for more than just improved technology. They understand that they need a communication system overhaul for 2016 and beyond. Here are the top concerns Instantly, Inc. determined. In both the private and public sectors, employees put their organizations at risk using devices that aren't protected against viruses and hacking. It was found that less than half of businesses surveyed (45 percent) had a Bring Your Own Device or BYOD policy in place. By getting a policy in place, companies...

The World Of Business Is Going Mobile And Moving To The Cloud

The world of business is shifting everything from the Desktop to the Cloud. Pretty soon, you wouldn't have anything ON your smartphone, tablet, PC/laptop because it will all be floating in the Cloud somewhere. This means no more downloading Apps as you will access them directly from the maker and this is all just around the corner. 75% of the business world expects to move over half of their business functionality and become Cloud resident within 3 years, this will enable a workforce that can work from anywhere bringing in a truly Mobile world. Your smartphone will also make the leap as well as the costs of maintaining a cellular network is becoming cost prohibitive and standardization on one medium of communication...

GAC2500 Conference Phone Review

Overall we're pretty impressed with the Grandstream GAC2500 Conference phone.  The conference phone supports a total of 7 participants (including the host), runs Android OS which means you can install most any app from the Google Play store like Google Hangouts or Skype, and can use the conference phone for voice conferences using any of those apps.  Another winner for the conference phone is that it has wifi, so if you don't have an ethernet jack easily accessible in your conference room, all you need is a power source for the GAC2500, and then a wireless network to connect to. We also love the price, the MSRP on it is $499 and we have it available at a excellent discount for our clients. [product id="3472"]

Are You Ready to Invest in a Small Business VoIP Service?

Thinking about installing VoIP services in your business? Are you thinking about a cloud based phone service for your business? Many companies are starting to realize the benefits, especially financially, of switching to Voice Over IP phone systems. We see a future with VoIP ranking as the primary phone service. If you're a small business not embracing the affordability and flexibility of VoIP systems, then you may already be behind the curve. VoIP may not be a flawless system, but it's the preferred route for many businesses. Don't make the switch without weighing your options, though, as your business may not be ready for a VoIP installation. Is your business VoIP ready? Ask yourself, "How hard will it be...

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