Debunking Common Misconceptions On Cloud Based VoIP

Voice over IP technology for business phone service has come a long way. As an alternative to regular telephones, VoIP allows the transmission of voice through the internet. This has made it cheaper for businesses to communicate with their branch offices. Also, it has helped businesses to keep in touch with clients at affordable rates. Thanks to advancement in technology, companies now have access to cloud-based VoIP services. Problem is few businesses are adopting the technology. This is because the existing systems are working.

To help businesses – small, medium and large – adopt cloud-based VoIP services, we will be debunking the misconceptions surrounding this technology.

Myth #1. Not secure

Unlike traditional telephony systems where the company does not depend on the internet, cloud-based VoIP allows communication via the internet. As a result, it helps to reduce the cost of communication even across international borders. This is what many businesses fear – communicating via the internet. Many companies are afraid that hackers may take advantage and listen in. What companies need to know is that cloud-based VoIP services are secure. This is because they provide a secure line of communication over the internet. This eliminates the interception of calls.

Myth #2. Too Complicated

Let’s face it. Many businesses are afraid of change. This is due to the lack of understanding of how the technology works. Also, companies don’t want to spend more money while already they have a working system. As a common misconception, business managers think that the new technology requires more internal resources to maintain and install.

Well, they are wrong. Cloud-based VoIP is easy to put in place and use. Unlike the traditional telephony system, cloud-hosted services remove the confusing lines, hardware, and switches. As you know, these resources take up space in your premises. With cloud-based VoIP services, communicating with other business and clients is easy.

Myth #3. Expensive

As said earlier, traditional telephony services take up a lot of internal resources in your business. For starters, you need to dedicate a room for installing the PBX systems and other hardware. Even after dedicating a room for the systems, you must pay for separate products such a phone system and a PRI. Also, you need to hire a team of IT experts to keep the system up to date and running.

With cloud-based VoIP services, you don’t have to spend a lot of resources. Why? The company does not have to purchase any special hardware. This means no hardware installation at your business. As a result, cloud-based VoIP cuts the cost of implementation and operation.

Myth #4. Voice quality is poor

Many people have come to believe that using cloud-based VoIP to communicate means poor voice quality. Well, they are wrong once again. Unlike traditional telephony systems which rely on analog service, cloud-based VoIP systems rely on digital service. This means the new system is capable of transmitting more data at higher speeds. Also, users do not experience any disruption regardless of the number of users connecting via the service.

Myth #5. No control over the system

It is a common misconception that using cloud-based VoIP systems means the business has no control. Unlike regular telephone systems, cloud-based services offer more control and flexibility. Want to know how? For instance, if you want to reset your voicemail password, you can do so from the comfort of your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Also, you can do it remotely. This means you don’t have to be in the office. You can make changes even when on a business travel. This is because the connection between your device and your cloud-based VoIP account is secure.

Final Thoughts

What businesses need to know is that cloud-based VoIP is a proven technology. It helps to improve the quality of service delivered as well as the uptime of your communication infrastructure. That is not all. If implemented and maintained well, businesses can cut costs and achieve a higher ROI. Also, your competitors have already adopted the technology. So why not you? Contact us to see how easy it is to make the switch.  We do all the work, keeping you working on your business not your phone system.

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