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We'd love to give you a free comparison quote to your current phone service.  We typically save our clients anywhere between 20-60% on their phone service.  Ask us for a comparison quote and if we can't save you at least 10% we'll give you a $25 gift card for your time.*

*To qualify for the $25 gift card, simply request a quote, let us know what you pay now for your current phone service and support - and how many concurrent phone calls you need, the number of users, and phones or extensions you need.

Phone Numbers


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Includes YeaLink T42S
Unlimited Local/Long Distance
Unlimited Devices (Same Ext)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a user?
A user account is an individual extension with a voicemail box. Multiple devices can be registered to a single user, but they all would have the same extension number. A typical scenario for this would be for an office phone and home office phone, as well as possible soft phone and mobile app.
Can I keep my number(s)?
Yes, with number portability we can port your current numbers from your current carrier. This process usually takes 1-2 weeks. During the porting process we forward your numbers with your existing carrier to a temporary number to eliminate any down time during the porting process.
What about faxing?
We support two options for faxing. 1) eFax, this is the simplest method and is included with with the user fee, you just need a separate fax number for $3/month. eFax converts inbound faxes to email and sending faxes is done through email, and we convert it to a fax to be sent to the recipient on our fax servers. 2) vFax, allows you to continue to use your traditional fax machine. Our vFax is HIPPA compliant and works, unlike most of our competitors attempting to use T.38 Fax. vFax is $25/month and also has a $150 setup fee. This setup fee covers the cost of the vFax ata.
Do you offer a free trial?
We don't offer a free trial, but do offer a 45 day money back guarantee. We'll also be happy to setup a demo for you to see how things work before we start porting numbers and making changes to your telecom systems.
Can I upgrade the free phone?
Each user comes with a free YeaLink T42S IP phone. You may optionally upgrade to another phone option, by either purchasing or leasing the phone for a minimal monthly fee. Contact us for pricing.
What phones do you support?
We support most major open standard based SIP phones. We support provisioning of most YeaLink, Grandstream and Polycom phones. Other brands like Cisco and Panasonic would need to be manually provisioned.
Do I have to pay for support?
No, as part of our transparent pricing we don't charge for support or even when you need something changed in your phone system. We provide a fully managed service. We do however charge for support for non phone system related issues like network updates and physical infrastructure issues needed to support the phone system.

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