Small Office Phone System Installation

Occasionally, it's fun to share about some of our installations and how making the move to's cloud VoIP service can save businesses and improve service levels.  Just about a month ago now, we finished up an installation, where like most clients, they were happy and excited to get the new phones and service installed, but you know clients are REALLY happy when they share with friends and colleagues and they did just that, and now we're busy working on boarding all their friends and business associates.  In this case, the reason for sharing wasn't just the savings they achieved, but because of's great customer service and no B.S. attitude!

Getting a Better Experience with VoIP

The voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has been in existence for over a decade, and yet still very effective.  It is rapidly spreading in the developing countries, where infrastructure is still inadequate, mainly because they have stuck to the traditional means of communication.  Currently there are some improvements in VoIP technology that are aimed at improving the experience of the users.  They are concerned with the interests of their customers, and thus have improved on the following factors: (more…)

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VoIP Security: Is Your Provider Taking Your Security Seriously?

Everything online is subject to security issues that compromise businesses and users. As legitimate providers of popular services, hosted VoIP service providers have to be willing to deal with and eliminate security issues that are assaulting services provided- so that users like you know exactly what's happening, and how to best defend your small business VoIP service- who are often the ones who are impacted the most when security breaches occur- a common reality of the modern digital age. (more…)

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The Digital Edge: Why Businesses are Switching to Hosted VoIP Phone Services

In an effort to gain an edge and stay ahead of their competition, more and more businesses are switching from traditional phone systems to VoIP phone systems – and for good reason. VoIP phone systems – also known as cloud telecom or cloud VoIP – provide a number of benefits, and the increased demand for this service is evidenced in a study by InformationWeek Research, who looked at 280 companies and narrowed down the top motives for why these companies switched to VoIP business services. Included in the reasons why businesses switched over to more technologically advanced systems were the ability to reduce telecommunication costs and combine voice and data networks, the ability to utilize a system that is easier...

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What is a Hosted PBX or Cloud VoIP

A PBX is a software and hardware bundle which acts as a switchboard for a telephony system of a company. An IP PBX and a traditional PBX needs a new set of hardware to set up and also software to install. It also needs some training and life long maintenance. The total cost of ownership can be a bit high. A hosted PBX comes into play to help solve this issue. A hosted PBX is a system which stays in cloud and is reachable via an IP network over the internet. It is provided as a service by an operator that takes all the hassles of software, hardware and storage and provides only easy services to companies. In simple terms, the entire PBX system is hosted by the operator and the end company only uses it as a client thus...

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Advantages of Moving to a Hosted VoIP Service

When it’s time to install a new phone system, moving to a hosted VoIP service is the right decision for any type of business. You will get a much better system without the need for a lot of expensive equipment or any lengthy installation process. Phone system management becomes much easier too, when you choose a business VoIP service. With the Hosted PBX solution from there is no need for you to have a private branch exchange (PBX) installed on site. Choosing a business VoIP service means that you get all the same features that a traditional landline PBX can provide, but with a more convenient, reliable and money saving system. (more…)

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Avoid Frustrating VoIP Problems With These Remedies

Did you know that your firewall may actually be a hindrance to clear, quality voice calls? You need both to run a business today. Without a firewall, you can’t protect your network, data and apps. Without high-caliber cloud or hosted VoIP service, you can’t communicate with colleagues and customers. When you think about it, it’s a bit like a dog chasing his tail. One of the primary reasons you have a firewall is to make sure calls get through safely and securely. Now it turns out that it can be the cause of calls that end up with one-way audio or are dropped altogether. VoIP technology for cloud and hosted services use SIP, or Session Initiated Protocol, to provide reliable, high-quality communications. To make...

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Landline Vs. VoIP: Which Option is Better for Small Business Owners?

Although VoIP phones have emerged as the next big craze in the communication world, many mainstream entrepreneurs are still reluctant to adopt this technology. There is no denying the fact that landline phones have been ruling the communication world for too long, but they cannot compete with VoIP technology when it comes to convenience and scalability. A side-by-side comparison between the various aspects of both technologies can help entrepreneurs decide whether it is a wise move to switch from hardwired landline phones to VoIP phones. (more…)

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VoIP Service: The Next Big Craze in the Business World

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as the name implies, is a technology that allows transmission and reception of voice signals over broadband Internet. Over the past few years, the technology has matured greatly and completely taken over the traditional means of business communication. If you are not familiar with the technology, then here is brief overview of VoIP for you to understand the operation, components and corporate advantages of the technology. What are VoIP Phones? VoIP phones, unlike hardwired landline phones, transmit voice by converting analog signals into digital data packets. This processed and compressed digital data is then sent from a source to destination over the Internet just like a media...

Advantages of Cloud VoIP

If you run a small business you know about the importance of strategies required to overcome competitors. Technology has played a significant role in this and advancements have made things easier and helped in achieving results faster. One such technological advancement aimed at benefitting you is cloud based VOIP phone systems which are much more beneficial than traditional hard line phone systems and more efficient than premise based VoIP systems. [blockquote align="right"]With, we're here to help you setup your cloud based pbx exactly the way you want![/blockquote] The biggest advantage of a hosted VOIP phone system is that it can be installed easily at very low cost. All you have to do is choose the...

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