Advantages of Moving to a Hosted VoIP Service

When it’s time to install a new phone system, moving to a hosted VoIP service is the right decision for any type of business. You will get a much better system without the need for a lot of expensive equipment or any lengthy installation process. Phone system management becomes much easier too, when you choose a business VoIP service.

With the Hosted PBX solution from there is no need for you to have a private branch exchange (PBX) installed on site. Choosing a business VoIP service means that you get all the same features that a traditional landline PBX can provide, but with a more convenient, reliable and money saving system.

What Hosted PBX Involves

Everything is hosted virtually so you will not have a lot of special equipment taking up office space. Whether your business has multiple workplaces in different locations, or just one main office, will provide you with a complete business phone service.

The whole system just takes a little time to setup, and’s team will help you through it step by step. Your employees will then be able to use a cloud based phone service. All the VOIP technology and software is supplied by us and hosted by us. We also do the upgrades, so management of your business phone system is much easier.

Our business VoIP service allows your employees and your customers to use the cloud based phone service, in exactly the same way as any reliable phone system, when a customer calls your office, you can have a call transferred from one part of the country to another, or speak to an individual who works from home. At times when there is no-one available to answer the phone, the call can be sent to an auto attendent or a voice message can be left by any caller.

Hosted PBX System Saves Money

A cloud based phone service costs less to operate than a traditional business phone system. The average amount saved by businesses using our hosted VoIP service is between 50% and 85%, when compared to a previous landline-based system.

No contract is necessary when you sign up to because we know that most business owners will continue using our service because they want to, not because they are tied into a contract.

Why You Should Choose

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  • Our service will never cost you any more than the price we quote. We want you to become a customer for life, so we never ask for any hidden charges or unexpected fees.
  • We don’t use offshore customer services. We have a highly trained support team ready to help with any technical difficulties. They are based in our own offices and have the technical knowledge to get any problem quickly solved.
  • We don’t make things any more complicated than necessary and won’t confuse you with technical terms, unless you use technical terms first.
  • Constant upgrades are provided through our hosted VoIP service and we don’t lease any of the technical equipment we use. We own it and we maintain it.
  • Management of your business phone system is much easier with our hosted PBX. Unlike a traditional phone system, there is no need for any equipment to be installed in your workplace and, when you want to add new features or update the system, you don’t have to make an appointment for a technician to visit.

[/list]To speak with one of our representatives, and learn more about our hosted PBX from, get in touch through our contact form or give us a call at (888) 944-0031.

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