The Digital Edge: Why Businesses are Switching to Hosted VoIP Phone Services

In an effort to gain an edge and stay ahead of their competition, more and more businesses are switching from traditional phone systems to VoIP phone systems – and for good reason. VoIP phone systems – also known as cloud telecom or cloud VoIP – provide a number of benefits, and the increased demand for this service is evidenced in a study by InformationWeek Research, who looked at 280 companies and narrowed down the top motives for why these companies switched to VoIP business services.

Included in the reasons why businesses switched over to more technologically advanced systems were the ability to reduce telecommunication costs and combine voice and data networks, the ability to utilize a system that is easier to manage, and the fact that it is a scalable, portable system that can adapt to the challenges businesses face in harder economic periods. In addition, because hosted VoIP can work in the realm of cloud technology, cloud VoIP provides the opportunity to operate a communication platform in two or more areas and can help promote collaborative exchanges between clients and businesses, and make satellite offices more productive.

When considering the benefits your business can realize by switching to hosted VoIP systems, they will be reflected in the following ways:

  • Reduction of Operating Costs – Switching to a business phone system that includes VoIP technology means your company may save thousands of dollars annually – particularly in the area of international calls. It has been estimated that hosted VoIP can save companies as much as 40% off their local phone calls, and up to 90% off international calling. Plus, your phone bill comes in a single, convenient statement and bill.
  • Tele-Working Opportunities – Businesses that have implemented intranet or extranet systems can have their employees take advantage of’s cloud-based, hosted VoIP services and work easily from home. Having access to everything employees need can make them more productive overall.
  • Flexible Infrastructure – All businesses are not the same, and utilizing a hosted VoIP phone system means that your layouts can be more flexible and may be easily customized to fit your network needs. Less equipment and less management requirements means more bang for your buck.
  • Low-Cost Hardware and Software – To make it in the 21st Century, maintaining internet connectivity is a must. Because of this, the cost of adding hosted VoIP to a service you already have is minimal. Why not make let your businesses computers and internet service work even harder for you by allowing it to carry your phone signal, too?
  • Effortless Conference Calls – Unlike traditional phone lines where you may only be able to speak one-on-one without significant effort, hosted VoIP systems allow multiple users to join in without any risk of alienating other parties. This facilitates communication for both internal and external uses, whether for your own employees, locations and/or teams, or other businesses or clients you are working with.
  • Abundant Features – As and cutting-edge VoIP provider, is rich in the number of feature it offers to its clients. Some of the high-tech calling features include speed dialing, custom scheduling, online fax, call queues, remote access, online PBX controls, call transfers, intercom, Find-Me Follow-Me, auto-attendants, call logs, call reports, message on hold, unified messaging, virtual extensions, call recording and Visual Dial Plan Editor. In addition to those features, the basics are still included as well, like voicemail, caller ID, music on hold, call forwarding and call routing.

When considering all the features and benefits that switching to a hosted VoIP system can provide, it only makes sense for companies to jump into the high-tech world of cloud telecom. Not only will businesses realize monetary benefits, but they will experience increased employee production and better client relationships as well.

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