What is a Hosted PBX or Cloud VoIP

A PBX is a software and hardware bundle which acts as a switchboard for a telephony system of a company. An IP PBX and a traditional PBX needs a new set of hardware to set up and also software to install. It also needs some training and life long maintenance. The total cost of ownership can be a bit high. A hosted PBX comes into play to help solve this issue.
A hosted PBX is a system which stays in cloud and is reachable via an IP network over the internet. It is provided as a service by an operator that takes all the hassles of software, hardware and storage and provides only easy services to companies. In simple terms, the entire PBX system is hosted by the operator and the end company only uses it as a client thus the name hosted PBX.

What does one need to use a Hosted PBX?

The PBX service provider already has the software and hardware in place that connects you to the public phone system, but what are you going to bring in as the end user?

Desk Phones, Soft Phones, or Mobiles

Most traditional businesses like to take advantage of regular desk phones for convenience and easy operations of their business phone system. However you can also take advantage of soft phones (a software application on your computer that connects to the hosted PBX, and utilizes your computers microphone and speakers as the mouth piece and ear piece). Or you can also install a mobile app on your phone that allows you to use your cell phones data plan or WiFi to connect to the Cloud PBX and connect to the service.

Pay the Service Fee

You will have a regular monthly fee, most hosted PBX providers charge per extension, at RingMe.io we charge per user and allow each user up to three extensions. This method is considerably more cost effective. For example, we recently installed RingMe.io in a doctors office with 10 phones, but only 4 actual users. With RingMe.io’s competitors they would have paid $300+ per month, with RingMe.io they get better service and pay only $100/month.

In the event your firm already has a landline phone, you can have everything remain intact and all the incoming calls will be channeled to the hosted PBX service which will then distribute the calls to your office phone based on the option that you will have set. Mobile phones can also be used in this fashion. Voicemail is a well known feature that comes with hosted PBX services. Your smart phones can be used for similar purpose but via another connectivity, the internet.

VoIP has changed the way things now work. With hosted VoIP, you do not need a PSTN phone line, from the local telecom or some giant telecom. You can also have the potential for unlimited lines with as many direct inward dial (DID) phone numbers you need.

VoIP makes it possible for a service provider to offer affordable and even unlimited free calls to some destinations or territories. There are some VoIP providers (including RingMe.io) who provide unlimited free phone calls to any phone that is within the United States and Canada. VoIP calls within the network which is between devices and phones of the same PBX service are free and also unlimited for most services.

VoIP also comes with a lot of features to the phone system. Businesses will therefore be able to record their calls, use improved voicemail, highly developed auto attendant, conferencing, presence management, convergence and collaboration, analytics, measuring of bandwidth utilization and call screening.

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