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The voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has been in existence for over a decade, and yet still very effective.  It is rapidly spreading in the developing countries, where infrastructure is still inadequate, mainly because they have stuck to the traditional means of communication.  Currently there are some improvements in VoIP technology that are aimed at improving the experience of the users.  They are concerned with the interests of their customers, and thus have improved on the following factors:

Mobile VoIP – The technology has been improved to allow its usage on mobile phones, which are almost basics nowadays.  It is sensible because it enables international calling and the call rates are low.  It makes business everywhere seem to be in one location.  A report from the infonetics, stated that the global OTT mobile VoIP subscribers had grown by over 550% in 2012, and were expected to rise to a billion by the preceding year.

Hosted VoIP services – Many companies have chosen to use the cloud-based software as a service movement, and receive their VoIP service from service providers that maintain data centers, and offer applications with the same calling features. They get an advantage of incurring reduced IT hassle, reduced costs, unlimited scalability, enhanced mobility, easy feature upgrades and a better reliability. That is a great offer for its customers, who have chosen to remain loyal.

Demand for Tighter VoIP Security – These recent tech services have led to quick adaptations thus rendering most users helpless till when the security is enhanced and tightened. The VoIP users are required to take preventive measures, in order to secure their communications, because it is possible for hackers with adequate skills to crack into VoIP and get an access to private information.

Fortunately VoIP has harkened to the plea of its customers and has enhanced its security much more to an extent that it is being used by the US army bases. It is thus possible to protect communications while using the service by, encrypting data, using private networks, and using the Secure Real Time Protocol alongside other proven measures.

Unified Communications (UC) – VoIP is improving to be a better, feature-rich, complex and versatile service provider. However, Businesses are interested with video conferencing, messaging, seamless CRM integration, and a combination of other mediums other than the normal voice calling.

Unified communications can be accessed through the cloud, and the service is intended to reach $7.2 billion by the year 2018, as markets and markets puts it. This is basically due to the improvement on the video technology and more collaboration based technology.

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