What Are Your VoIP Installation Needs?

Is now the time for your business to get a VoIP installation? Businesses are increasingly warming up to the major savings and added functionality they can get from Voice Over IP phone services. It’s not far-fetched to imagine VoIP taking over standard phone lines for good in the future.

VoIP isn’t problem-free for every business, so you need to know if it meets your needs before you go forward with a VoIP installation.

Will it work for you?

What’s the scope of the transition?

Installing VoIP services is best done when starting a new business or relocating a current business. Otherwise, you will have to re-structure the infrastructure and this may be a costly expenditure. With the right savings, no one will care about the complexity of the chance, though.

Do you like your business phone system now? Why change it?

Do you operate a large business? Are you in need of a high volume of extensions and handsets? VoIP services cost a fair penny if a lot of extensions and handsets are needed, but the long-term savings help. It’s also much easier to add new lines in, versus with a traditional business phone system.

What other features do you require?

VoIP offers unique features that are not available with traditional phone lines. One notable feature gives you the freedom to contact anyone from the business phone number, from an external location. Other great features include phone training controls, toll-free lines, voice-to-email messages, and video conferencing.

Features vary by provider, so take the time to shop around before subscribing anywhere.

What are your bandwidth needs?

Your network needs to be able to take on enough bandwidth to handle the load for the entire phone system. This prevents the calls from cutting out and give s a clearer audio quality. Run some performance tests and see where your network stands. If anything, buy additional bandwidth; the cost of increase bandwidth may pay itself off in the end.

Most businesses only end up dissatisfied with VoIP services because their network is not ready to take on the load. Speak with a professional about this if you are not sure where you stand.

Would hybrid systems work?

You can use a standard phone system and get stability, or go with a VoIP service and get flexibility. However, you don’t have to give up one to get the other. You can get all the same great quality product and service through a VoIP phone system that you get from a traditional phone system.

Want the best of both worlds?

Skip the full system replacement and just throw on a voice gateway to provide digital calling functions without giving up the entire system in place. This also makes it easier to jump into a full-digital system in the future.

The better VoIP services will also forward your call when no Internet access is available. This prevents there from being any real downtime to the service.

What’s your biggest issue now? You don’t know what VoIP services (and features) are available!

By just learning what’s out there, you can prevent a lot of issues when making the jump to VoIP calling services. It can be hard if you don’t have the time to get quotes from all different companies.

Save yourself the endless calling around and just speak with us. We will discuss the various systems and features that are available. You will walk away knowing you are aware of all your options. If a VoIP is in your cards, we can help you make it true. We can even do bandwidth tests for you and arrange a pilot run with a practice VoIP account, allowing you to add a few users to test it out.

Don’t worry, we don’t plan to talk to you forever. Just let us know what questions or concerns you have, instead of staying in the dark about the revolutionary VoIP technology.

We are here to help you decide whether a VoIP installation is needed, and if so, how to get it, what to look for etc.

We are here to help!

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