5 Common Myths About Cloud VoIP

The recent FCC discussions about the end of traditional public phone networks make it clear that businesses need to start thinking about the switch to cloud VoIP. A cloud-based communication system has gone mainstream. It makes sense to adapt now to avoid frustration and delays.

Businesses who wait, putting off the decision, will end scrambling in an effort to catch up. But many businesses holding off because they are keep getting inaccurate information. This delay can end up costing them.

Here is a look at the five most common myths, and the real truth, about cloud-based business phone service.

#1. Voice quality

Digital service often offers higher quality and fidelity than traditional landlines. Using a hosted VoIP with a suitable internet connection can provide voice reproduction that is clear, resonate and easy to understand.

#2. Less secure

Actually, you are more secure on a cloud-based system than you are on a landline. The voice data is easily encrypted when you use the correct hardware. For added security, with a private internet connection, the pathway that data packets use is also fully secured.

All of this makes the risk of interception and decryption basically impossible. A traditional landline is much easier to tap.

#3. Limited scalability

It is far easily to scale up or down with a cloud-based system than it is with traditional on-site systems. You no longer need to install a physical, and expensive, private branch exchange, better known as a PBX at your place of business. Instead, you can deploy a cloud-based system quickly and simply.

It is also much easier to add great capacity with a web-based system. Extra lines can be activated by the provider remotely, within minutes of the getting the request. It is also much easier to integrate staff working remotely and add new staff quickly.

#4. Expense

Switching is cost-effective. You save money long-term because you no longer need on-site hardware like a PBX. The potential savings are in the thousands. Initial setup costs are lower because providers usually ship the hardware needed fully pre-programmed. It is plug-and-play ready. Very little time is needed to install the phones.

The majority of the current legacy phones can be used with a digital service by using analog-to-digital adapters, which makes the switch even more cost-effective. You don’t need to buy new phones.

You also save money with desktop and smartphone apps, which can reduce and eliminate the need for new hardware.

#5. Missing Features compared to a traditional PBX

Cloud VoIP technology is well established, and will soon be the standard for many small businesses. There was a time when Cloud VoIP didn’t have some of the key features like Busy Lamp Field status showing when others are on the phone, etc. Now days all those features are included and work enabling better business phone service at an affordable rate.

Communication is rapidly reaching the point where adopting IP technology will be required, not optiona

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