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Mobile App Updates April 2022

We've made a handful of improvements to the VentureTel SMS mobile app for iPhone and Android.  Simply update (or download) the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  The improvements are primarily improvements to speed and overall performance improvements. Here's the list of updates to the app: Improved the text size and display when a users font size on their phone is set to be larger.  Previously, you couldn't see the full name, or text would overlap - this should be improved. We added paging to the list of conversations - when a user had a lot of different conversations (which tends to happen over time), it could be slow to load when switching between numbers or when switching back to the...
Business Texting Service

Final Business Texting App Update of 2021

We hope 2021 was a great year for you!  We at VentureTel are definitely grateful for a wonderful year, and excited for what 2022 will bring.  Finishing out 2021 we had one last update of our texting app for business.  We think things are really starting to come together with our SMS for business services that accompany our VoIP platform and these features are all included with our VentureTel Cloud based VoIP platform.  If you aren't using texting in your business communications yet, let's chat and give it a try - you might be surprised at the number of people that are already trying to text you. The end of 2021 update includes several improvements and enhancements from improved speed and performance to a few new...
Summer 2021 Updates

Summer 2021 Updates

It's been a while since we posted an update, not because we haven't been doing anything though.  We've implemented several new features to our business texting app over the last several months and finally have just released those updates.  Almost all these updates come from requests made by our clients.  Below is a list of many of the enhancements and improvements released in our June 2021 update.  Still don't see something in the VentureTel app for texting and managing your business voice account?  Let us know and hopefully we can get it incorporated into one of our next updates. Admin Functions Call Reporting - With the new call reporting app available from the admin dashboard in, administrators...
Automatically engage missed callers via text

Automatically engage missed callers via text

For small businesses (and big businesses too) inbound calls are potential new business so missing that call just means you're letting the competition have your customers.  Nearly 80% of people won't leave a voicemail message while the open rate on a text message is nearly 98%.  That's why we have VentureTel SMS automations. Imagine you're trying to find a new Dentist and so you go to google and search for the best local dentists, and start calling down the list.  The first dentist no one answers (probably cause they are the best dentist and really busy) and it goes to voicemail, so you hang up (cause face it, you're part of that 80%) and call the next dentist on the list.  Lucky for him he's only slightly less...
VentureTel Business VoIP Service

VentureTel Business VoIP Service Updates | September 2020 Updates

Time continues to fly and with the end of September brings additional improvements to and the VentureTel Mobile Apps.  In our most recent update we introduces the VentureTel SMS mobile app, which has been received well by our users and we're working to make improvements from your suggestions.  This month we released a major update to the VentureTel mobile soft phone app that includes push notifications, greatly increasing the reliability of inbound phone calls - currently this update is only available for iOS, but the Android version is expected to be released within the next few weeks. Updates and Enhancements We now show call history in the SMS conversation window - when viewing...
Business Texting Updates for

Business Texting Updates for | August 2020

We're excited for the updates this month for texting services for business, the biggest update to VentureTel's business phone service is the initial beta launch of the mobile app that gives end users access to business texting while on the go in addition to basic management features for end users, like call forwarding, find me settings, and access to visual voicemail for your VoIP account. You can download the VentureTel SMS app for iOS in the App Store and for Android in the Play Store. In addition to the release of the mobile app for business texting, several improvements and bug fixes have been made to New Features and Enhancements The "Favorites" tab in the conversations list has been...

July 2020 updates

Summer is nearly over :( but our dev team has still been working away on improving the :) and incorporating your suggestions to make our business text messaging and phone user app better.  In addition to several minor improvements and bug fixes, this month's release includes adding faxing capabilities to the app and access to the main voicemail box for users.   Below is a listing of updates in the July release of the  As always we look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Added Faxing Functions - users can now send/receive faxes within the interface.  Users can send/receive from the main fax box as well as their own fax box (if one is assigned). Added user...
VentureTel Dashboard

June 2020 updates

Another month has passed, we're half way through 2020 and we've continued to improve on the - This month mostly contains minor improvements and bug fixes, but we have added an admin feature in the app, where an account admin can see basic account statistics and manage phone number settings.  We've improved automations, made some improvements to alerts for voicemail and sms messages, improved the login process and time out settings, and made several small improvements to SMS services and conversations views.  Below is a listing of improvements and bug fixes in June; as always we look forward to your feedback and suggestions to continue to improve the way you communicate via text and voice with your customers,...
BETA Release of ‘Automations’

May 2020 Updates – BETA release of ‘Automations’

We're quite excited about this month's updates to, with a number of improvements and features.  Of the new features we're most excited about what we call 'Automations'.  Automations are a set of rules that can be created to automate SMS messaging.  This is the beta release with two features currently and we'd love your feedback and suggestions for improvements or other automations that you can think of.  More details on automations below in the release notes and on support site.  Here's the full list of new features in our May 2020 release. Automations (beta) Missed Call - When you miss a call from a potential client or patient they just skip ahead to your competitor.  With the missed call...
VentureTel SMS

April 2020 updates

We continue to make improvements to, one little feature at a time.  In addition to several small bug fixes and minor user interface improvements the follow key features have been added. Mass/Bulk Texting - You can now add up to 10 recipients to a new message and each recipient will receive the message as an individual message - not a group message. Currently this is limited to 10 recipients - we want to hear your feedback about how this works and we'll continue to evaluate to determine if greater than 10 recipients is viable. The mass texting tool is not designed for mass marketing and especially not for sending SPAM texts - please note: SPAM texting is grounds for immediate suspension...
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