Are You Ready to Invest in a Small Business VoIP Service?

Thinking about installing VoIP services in your business?

Are you thinking about a cloud based phone service for your business? Many companies are starting to realize the benefits, especially financially, of switching to Voice Over IP phone systems. We see a future with VoIP ranking as the primary phone service. If you’re a small business not embracing the affordability and flexibility of VoIP systems, then you may already be behind the curve.

VoIP may not be a flawless system, but it’s the preferred route for many businesses. Don’t make the switch without weighing your options, though, as your business may not be ready for a VoIP installation.

Is your business VoIP ready?

Ask yourself, “How hard will it be to add in a VoIP system?”

Installing a cloud based phone service at a new business or new location will be nearly hassle-free. Complications arise when you need to transition from one phone system to another. This means cutting out the old one and installing the new. While some systems are interchangeable, the hop to digital is usually a complicated one.

What do you get with your current phone system provider?

Are you getting all the features you need? Are you getting a decent monthly rate? If you answer no to either of those questions, then it may be worth looking into small business VoIP service prices and features. The switch may make sense for your business, for more reason than one.

Are you in need of better phone features?

VoIP services offer a multitude of calling features that you simply don’t get from normal lines. Some of the biggest-selling VoIP features include the ability to call from out of the business location, setting up 1-800 numbers for your business, and training employees on the phone with features like whisper and mute.

There are many other features with VoIP phone services, this is just a scratch at the surface. The features you get will vary depending on the VoIP service you choose, so take the time to shop around.

Will you have enough bandwidth?

VoIP phone systems take a load on the network. Cloud base phone services attempt to take this load off you, but only do so much to complete the job. If your business is falling behind technology-wise, then calls could come with poor clarity, cutting out, and other noise issues.

Don’t be like the other business owners that get VoIP without the infrastructure to handle it. The end result is a bad experience with VoIP and possibly major problems for your business. With a bit of testing and modifying, you will end up with a solid phone system for your small business.

What happens when the power goes out?

The biggest worry with prospective VoIP clients is that their phone line will disconnect whenever the power goes out. This is true, technically, but there are workarounds in place. The most obvious would be call-forwarding to the VoIP lines. This can go to a 1-800 number to catch the call, to a one-for-all landline, or whatever else you may want.

Would a hybrid system work?

Some consider taking a cloud based phone service and implement it alongside a traditional system. This does work, but it may make things complicated. A voice gateway can be put onto the digital telephone. This gives digital components to your standard phone system. Later on, you can do the full switch to VoIP services, or, if you are not happy, you can revert back to the traditional phone system.

The biggest issue now is simply knowing which VoIP to trust.

There are many VoIP businesses, with different features and prices. If you’re a newbie to VoIP technology, it may take a bit to wrap your head around the terminology.

If you don’t know if you’re ready for VoIP in your business, you’re definitely not ready to set it up.

Contact us and we can help clear your head. We will help you decide whether keeping your current phone system or installing a new VoIP system will be the better option. We aren’t afraid to tell you the truth, even if it means you keep your current phone system. We will even run bandwidth tests for you and let you test out our own VoIP service with a couple trial accounts. This is a great way to make a risk-free transition.

We don’t plan to take up your whole day. Just a few minutes of your time should clear any questions you have and get you on your way to the right phone setup for your business. While there are no guarantees, there’s a good chance VoIP will be an innovative change for your business and its’ internal infrastructure.

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