Summer 2021 Updates

Summer 2021 Updates

It’s been a while since we posted an update, not because we haven’t been doing anything though.  We’ve implemented several new features to our business texting app over the last several months and finally have just released those updates.  Almost all these updates come from requests made by our clients.  Below is a list of many of the enhancements and improvements released in our June 2021 update.  Still don’t see something in the VentureTel app for texting and managing your business voice account?  Let us know and hopefully we can get it incorporated into one of our next updates.

  • Admin Functions
    • Call Reporting – With the new call reporting app available from the admin dashboard in, administrators can now run a report to find total calls made/received by user as well as total talk time for inbound/outbound calls per user for a given period of time.
    • User Management – With the new user management portal for administrators, administrators can now view and edit settings for their end users.  Like call forwarding, find me/follow me settings, as well as change users contact details and resetting of passwords.
    • Reset User Presence Status – Occassionally end users will report that a BLF key is stuck blinking or solid red for a user, even when no one is using that users phone.  Until now the only way to resolve this was to open a support ticket – now administrators can reset the presence status of users which will clear the BLF key and set it back to green for any users whose presence status may have gotten stuck.
  • End User Functions
    • Assign an SMS conversation to a user  – This feature allows a user to assign a conversation to another user in the organization, even if that user doesn’t have access to the phone number in the conversation.  This way conversations can be assigned to the person (or persons) who is best suited to help with the conversation.  It also helps keep things simpler for users who don’t need to see all conversations associated with a particular phone number in their organization, but only view conversations that they are responsible for.
    • Contact List/Address Book – Previously you could add a contact name to a conversation, but you couldn’t see a list of the contacts you added.  Now those contacts are available in your address book within the  This feature also helps set the stage for integrating with Google and Office 365 contacts as well as the ability to import contacts via CSV.
    • Improvements to the way SMS conversations are printed – We made several small improvements to printing of conversations based on feedback from customers.

Additionally we’ve worked to improve the responsiveness of the app as well as fixed several bugs.

Let us know what you think and how we can improve still by texting us at 208.735.8999

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