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VentureTel Business VoIP Service Updates | September 2020 Updates

Time continues to fly and with the end of September brings additional improvements to and the VentureTel Mobile Apps.  In our most recent update we introduces the VentureTel SMS mobile app, which has been received well by our users and we’re working to make improvements from your suggestions.  This month we released a major update to the VentureTel mobile soft phone app that includes push notifications, greatly increasing the reliability of inbound phone calls – currently this update is only available for iOS, but the Android version is expected to be released within the next few weeks. Updates and Enhancements

  • We now show call history in the SMS conversation window – when viewing a SMS conversation you can see in the timeline when they called to help get a better picture of your entire conversation with that customer.
  • We’ve added a port out PIN in the admin number section – To help increase the security of your phone numbers and prevent accidental or fraudulent port outs, we’ve added a PIN generator to the bottom of the admin numbers page.  You now will need to  generate this PIN prior to porting out your numbers.
  • You can now start a SMS conversation in the call logs screen – Start a conversation from your call log (call history) screen in by clicking on the SMS icon – this simplifies starting a new conversation with a recent missed call or someone you recently spoke with.
  • A number of backend improvements, bug fixes and security updates to

VentureTel SMS Mobile App Updates and Enhancements

  • Added push notifications to the mobile app – Now when a message is received and you have push notifications enabled on the mobile app, you’ll receive a push notification alerting you of a new message.
  • Links are now active and a preview is shown of the link in the mobile app similar to how links work in
  • Several backend improvements and bug fixes

VentureTel Mobile Softphone App Updates and Enhancements

  • Added push notifications for iOS
  • Updated the logo and visual aspects of the mobile app to match the new logos
  • Several back end enhancements, security and bug fixes.

How can we continue to improve?

As always we value your feedback and continue to work to incorporate your suggestions into the VentureTel business phone service platform.  From texting, mobility for you and your team and just plain old reliable business phone service – were always working to improve our services and make them work the way that is most beneficial for our clients and customers.  Let us know where we can improve.

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