Business Texting Updates for

Business Texting Updates for | August 2020

We’re excited for the updates this month for texting services for business, the biggest update to VentureTel’s business phone service is the initial beta launch of the mobile app that gives end users access to business texting while on the go in addition to basic management features for end users, like call forwarding, find me settings, and access to visual voicemail for your VoIP account.

You can download the VentureTel SMS app for iOS in the App Store and for Android in the Play Store.

In addition to the release of the mobile app for business texting, several improvements and bug fixes have been made to

New Features and Enhancements

  • The “Favorites” tab in the conversations list has been changed to “Important” – When a message is assigned as important it remains in the main conversation tab in addition to the “Important” tab.  This allows a user to mark a conversation as important for follow up later.
  • We added an option to assign a conversation to another user – When a conversation is assigned to another user (or users), it is added to the assigned users “Important” tab and listed as an unread message.  We expect that an email notification feature will be added in a future release (next month or two) so that the assigned user is also aware that the message is waiting in there “Important” conversations list.
  • We added a “Quick Call” feature – In the upper right of the conversations page is a phone icon that when clicked provides an option for a user to enter a 10 digit phone number and select which of their devices to call from.  When the call is initiated, the users selected device rings and when answered the call is initiated to the 10 digit number entered.  This is great for copying and pasting a phone number from an email, SMS conversation, or web page to initiate a call without having to enter it on the end users handset or device.
  • We added access to the main voicemail box – many small business use a ‘main voicemail box’ or company wide voicemail box, now all users have access to listen to this voicemail box from within
  • Added ability to mass delete and update voicemails  – you can now select multiple voicemails to update there status or delete them in bulk.
  • Add an icon to automated messages – messages sent via an automation now show a robot icon next to them to help indicate that the message was sent via an automation.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Fixed logout button on iPad and tablets – when viewing on an iPad and other tablets, the logout button was frequently hidden.
  • Fixed issue of copying and pasting numbers into new SMS message – When copying a number from a CRM or email where the number was formatted like (###) ###-#### or ###-###-#### the message would not be delivered correctly.
  • Minor improvements to the dropdown menu on a conversation – next to a number in the conversation list are three dots that open drop down menu, we made several minor improvements to the visual display and functionality of this drop down.
  • We fixed some bugs in number assignments to an account – we fixed some issues where numbers sometimes wouldn’t show correctly in your account.  If numbers aren’t showing in your account correctly, you can click “Refresh Numbers” in the numbers page (admin section of the
  • We fixed a bug that would cause all automations to be sent as a response – if someone sent you a text with one character followed by a ‘?’ to one of you business numbers, it cause all automated messages setup on your account to be sent as a reply.  That’s kind of embarrassing so we decided to fix that and save some confusion!

What can we do to improve?

We really want to know how we’re doing and what you think of and the new mobile app.  Let us know what you think by submitting feedback inside the mobile app (by swiping to the right) or on the web app by clicking the pencil icon in the lower left menu.

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