Why Are You Still Wasting Time With The Phone Company and A Complex Phone System?

Are you looking for ways to expand your business and make it more productive and cost-effective? One of the best ways of doing this is by upgrading to a phone system which is cloud-based. Instead of wasting time with a complex phone system that limits your communication with clients, it is advisable to try an IP-enabled business phone system. The good news is that it not only replaces the outdated and complicated phone system you had but it also lowers the costs you incur for telecommunication purposes (generally 30-60%).

In this day and age, communication is crucial. It takes place on your phone, video conferencing, email and texting. You need a phone system which enables you get to your clients on time and with the least amount of inconvenience. The disadvantage of using legacy phone systems is that they make use of traditional lines which are maintained by phone carriers. They also use outdated technology which makes it expensive and even difficult to repair. For a company which relies on these phones, getting the services restored may take days or weeks, translating into less productivity and efficiency in conducting business.

Ease of Maintenance and Lower Costs

The advantage of upgrading to a cloud based business phone system is that the capital expenditures to purchase a phone system high costs of installation are virtually eliminated.  Additionally, being cloud based allows your phone system to grow with your business and as new features and services become available, it doesn’t require you to do anything to add them to your phone system.

Adaptation and Growth

The problem with using traditional legacy phone systems is that they use a wiring system for all the phones in the office. In order to add a staff member to your workforce, you have to go through great lengths to get a vendor from outside to set up their phone. Not only is this expensive but it is also time-consuming. With an IP-enabled system, all you have to do is connect their phone to the internet, and the phone is automatically configured by the VoIP provider. This does not waste time as there are no complex settings involved. Additionally, you can always plug in another IP phone and expand your business as you also grow.


Legacy phone systems are known to offer only voice capabilities. IP-based phones, on the other hand, have enhanced collaboration tools which allow you to accomplish more. The great thing about cloud based phone systems is that the phone system is now accessible from anywhere you have internet access, making setting up a new office a breeze, and allowing employees to work remotely a possibility. Above all, you do not need to incur any expenses to leverage cloud service by adding a new hardware.

In the internet age, adapting to current technology is the best way to grow your business. With an upgrade to RingMe.io, this can easily be achieved.

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