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Change is coming in a few days and it’s not just a new calendar. A survey earlier this year from Instantly, Inc. found that business communications never take time off, even when employees do. Business Owners and IT Managers are looking for more than just improved technology. They understand that they need a communication system overhaul for 2016 and beyond. Here are the top concerns Instantly, Inc. determined.

In both the private and public sectors, employees put their organizations at risk using devices that aren’t protected against viruses and hacking. It was found that less than half of businesses surveyed (45 percent) had a Bring Your Own Device or BYOD policy in place. By getting a policy in place, companies can allow their employees to use their personal devices on the business server securely and without threat.

Voicemail is on the way out and the door is about to hit it. Millennials prefer text messaging and as more of them enter the workforce and replace workers aging out, employers need to consider that voicemail may go the way of the beeper very soon.

This same attitude is applied to virtual meetings as well. Over 35 percent of businesses surveyed believe that Skype has had its day in the sun and no longer meets their needs. Driving home the point that this technology needs to improve is that 95 percent of employees surveyed stated that they would prefer using communication tools instead of face-to-face meetings.

Keeping employees motivated at work and at home is more important than ever. Those entering the workforce now have grown-up being able to stay connected 24/7 in their private lives and see no reason why that can’t do that in their business life as well. In fact, 97 percent of all employees surveyed stated that their productivity would certainly increase with improved business communication tools.

The relationship between communication technology and employees is more important than ever. New employees are more willing to take work home with them if they can access it using the devices they already use every day in their personal life. To get the most out of the latest tech updates and your employees, contact us here at to review your current practices, technological capabilities and prepare for an incredible 2016.

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