The World Of Business Is Going Mobile And Moving To The Cloud

RingMe InfographicThe world of business is shifting everything from the Desktop to the Cloud. Pretty soon, you wouldn’t have anything ON your smartphone, tablet, PC/laptop because it will all be floating in the Cloud somewhere.

This means no more downloading Apps as you will access them directly from the maker and this is all just around the corner. 75% of the business world expects to move over half of their business functionality and become Cloud resident within 3 years, this will enable a workforce that can work from anywhere bringing in a truly Mobile world.

Your smartphone will also make the leap as well as the costs of maintaining a cellular network is becoming cost prohibitive and standardization on one medium of communication will free up the airwaves for other use, as were are becoming cramped for bandwidth as technology requires more bandwidth to be useful.

This means your iPhone, Galaxy, and other Smartphones will be making the switch as well to Voice Over IP. (VOIP) This will give you clear voice to anywhere on the planet. Then the entire world of electronic media, communication and entertainment will be found in one place.

This will then usher in an era of a fully integrated world. This means your handheld will be able to access everything your PC/laptop and tablet have access today. TV will also change and become Cloud-based as well.

This means you’ll only require one point of access in your home for it all and your family entertainment center in Edith your rec room or den will have everything that you could desire from Phone calls, games, mo vices, and even doing the family tax returns.

So, if you are a business or an entrepreneur, you’ll all have the same access to the world’s markets. Business opportunities will be available in record numbers as small business will make up 68% of new Internet telephone market with new innovations and products and will be able to showcase their wares and services to an entire world connected to the Cloud.

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