6 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Office Phone System to VoIP

It’s surprising how many companies are still using outdated business phone systems. For instance, can you remember when your phone system was installed? Five or maybe ten years ago? Well, basing on the fact that you don’t clearly remember, that suggests it’s probably time to upgrade. Most companies in the United States are still running on the basic technology powering the Private Branch Exchange (PBX). The same PBX that was in use at the White House during the era of President Nixon, when he used to communicate with other international leaders using his “Red Phone.” If you are still trying to figure out this reference, then that shows how outdated your business phone system is.

There has been a lot of changes in the field of communication since the late 1900’s and also the early 2000’s. Communication is the primary key to the success of any business. If your business is still using an outdated PBX system, it’s then lacking some critical features that will help you communicate better, therefore improving productivity. For you to succeed in today’s business world, it’s high time that you should upgrade and familiarize yourself with the options you have for phone service.

We are living in an era of IP Communications. Voice over internet protocol (V0IP) is a modern office phone system solution that allows you to place voice calls and other related communications services such as video chatting across the corporate IP data network and the internet. VoIP is the best communication system that will provide you with a lot of advantages. Be assured of a seamless incorporation of new online communication applications, better performance standards, and simplified network operations. These are some of the things you will enjoy when using VoIP. That aside, below are factors why you should update your office system to VoIP.

1. IP-Bases Communication Capabilities and Unified Communications

Take your business to the next level by implementing VoIP for voice calls. This is an excellent strategy to help in the simplification of managing both data and voice networks. It aids in making communication flexible, affordable and it’s quite efficient. You should know that a lot of business entities have adopted this strategy ranging from small to large scale businesses. Therefore, you shouldn’t be left behind. On the other hand, Unified communication (UC) Capabilities have made communication much easier and simpler. UC entails features like web conferencing, unified and instant messaging. Unified Communications have also simplified and integrated communication to optimize business processes.

2. It Enables a Mobile and Flexible Workforce

In these modern times, there is an increase in the need for the workforce to be mobile. Being able to work anywhere improves productivity and ensures flexibility. A VoIP phone system allows your employees to work from anywhere. All they need is a computer, laptop or even a mobile phone. As a result, they will be able to remain in contact with fellow employees and clients, either via messaging or a single phone number.

3. Its Affordable

The problem with traditional phone systems is that they always have high maintenance costs. Additionally, running this system will require a lot of labor because the voice and data systems are to be managed differently. On the other hand, a VoIP phone system allows you to merge both voice and data as one. Those costs that you will be using in hiring people to manage the system will be scaled down. And you can use that money in other business operations. The maintenance costs are also affordable.

4. Business Continuity

Business VoIP differs from the traditional legacy phone system because it has a high degree of redundancy built into it. For traditional phone systems, it may be impossible to protect it from any facility damages. But, with cloud VoIP you can take advantage of always on phone services and find me follow me features. Because it’s a cloud-based phone system, the phone and data services will continue running in case any calamity such as fires occurs or severe weather. The VoIP phone system will ensure your business continues as usual in case of anything.

5. Everyone is Moving to VoIP Phone Systems

In the world of business, it’s essential for you to keep up with the latest trends and developments so that you stay on the same level as your competitors. Because VoIP phone systems are proving to be beneficial, nearly every company/business is replacing their legacy phone systems. If your business is still using a traditional  PBX and TDM systems, then you are required to make a critical decision. Either invest in upgrading the old phone systems or migrate to a better system – the VoIP cloud-based system.

6. Conferencing Options

A VoIP phone system allows you to hold conferences calls with all your employees or with clients and potential clients. This is suitable for business entities that have lots of branches in different places. The employees won’t have to travel from one point to another to attend a meeting. As a result, it will aid in minimizing costs and increase productivity. Other than video conferencing, VoIP has lots of other features such as data file sharing when calling, unlimited long distance calling, three-way calling and much more.

The future of any business lies in the communication with your clients and the employees. If you are using the legacy phone systems, then you are limiting your communication with your customers and employees. With the VoIP system, you can be assured of business success. You can get all the advantages of VoIP from VentureTel. Reach out to us for any information concerning the VoIP system.

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