Advantages of Cloud VoIP

If you run a small business you know about the importance of strategies required to overcome competitors. Technology has played a significant role in this and advancements have made things easier and helped in achieving results faster. One such technological advancement aimed at benefitting you is cloud based VOIP phone systems which are much more beneficial than traditional hard line phone systems and more efficient than premise based VoIP systems.

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The biggest advantage of a hosted VOIP phone system is that it can be installed easily at very low cost. All you have to do is choose the phones, which you believe are right for you, from the hosted business phone system provider, buy or port your phone number and setup your users and call flows.

The shift from your traditional hard line phone to a VOIP system is very easy, also, you can easily keep your addresses and phone numbers organized to access them whenever required.

When you acquire your business phone system you will gain access to a large number of new calling features, which helps by making your work simpler and provides you the time to plan your day efficiently. You can also gain access to features like personal extensions which can help your customers reach the desired department and talk to a specific person.

If you run a corporate office, you can receive options of auto respondents and voice mailing systems and auto respondents for the large number of calls that your office receives. This way you can streamline all of your calls. Additionally, instead of manually going over each number you can ask for a directory from the service provider.

If you receive a lot of unnecessary calls, you have the advantage of screening them and employees will have the option of prioritizing them accordingly. You have a wide variety of tools available in your hosted VoIP phone system through which you can make things much easier for yourself. You can gain access to services like:

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  • Preference based calling
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call log maintenance service
  • Find me, follow me
  • eFax


If your business operates on the go, you can have the additional feature of linking your employee home number with the office number. As a result if a customer is trying to call an employee the office number as well as the personal number of the employee would ring until someone answer. In other words no call will go unattended. Another feature that might benefit you is that you can customize your voicemail according to your choice.

The VOIP hosted phone system is a good way to impress customers and business partners because it serves to add credibility and a professional tone to the business. Also, it facilitates quick communication with suppliers ensuring quick delivery of products, which in turn will increase the productivity of the business.

VOIP hosted phone system can serve to be a huge gain for your business as its overall impact would be cost reduction and overall business gain.

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